a Agamemnon

1.  Why is the title of this play, “Agamemnon” when the major focus of the piece seems to be on his wife, “Clytemnestra?”  By titling the play this way, how is Aeschylus approaching the idea of non-traditional woman differently than Euripides in “Medea?”
2.  Clytemnestra kills Agamemnon, she says, to avenge the death of her daughter Iphigenia  Is she telling the truth?  And how does this murder bolster or destroy the Jungian idea of the Mother archetype?
3.How does Agamemnon fit the Jungian idea of the Father archetype, and why is he considered the ‘Tragic Hero” of this play?
4.  How does the chorus in “Agamemnon” function as the Jungian idea of the Collective Unconscious throughout the action of the play?. 
choose one of the essay topics and write the essay on it using plenty of examples from the play to back up what you say.