A clear statement of intent to introduce your project is required.

TOPIC: GMOs in Agriculture

First Draft – 6 pages

References:  the first draft should have in-text citations (note: citations are needed when a source is paraphrased or quoted).

Bibliography: at least 5 sources from books or articles (please do not use Wikipedia or blogs).

1. As a research paper, each student is required to do scholarly research on the topic. With this investigative reading, you build a brief literary review or, if you like, list of experts and/or statistics to cite. The literary review should hold meaning for your proposition concerning the research topic. You are encouraged to cite your selected experts thus giving credibility to your thesis.

2. A clear statement of intent to introduce your project is required.

3. Additionally, you need to choose how best to frame your ideas on the subject matter, in other words, the organization of your paper.

4. The paper should offer

(i) a description of your chosen topic and how the topic fits into the larger framework of the course;

(ii) your thesis, which is what you take away from the research information. Your thesis is your STATEMENT OF PURPOSE based on your understanding of the selected topic material, and thus, it informs your conclusion. But please note, the conclusion is not a simple personal opinion. Since we are not published experts in the field, our personal opinions do not carry weight, instead, the thesis will present your studied conclusion or conclusions based on your examination of the information supported by statistics and by published experts (to be cited).  The idea is to substantiate your specific and, if possible, original conclusion(s) by citing the facts and scholarly works presented.