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a decline in communication


Draft your Critical Review

(please no plagiarized work) THANKS!

Can you help w/English literature?

PLEASE NOTE: Professor’s words and comments are the red words. The highlighted part is still my words but the professor commented on it.

I FIRST ASK THE PROFESSOR as my research question – Is technology causing a decline in communication?

“This is a great start to your research question. Questioning technology and how it influences communication has a lot of research behind it. Once you start reading sources, you’ll develop a thesis.”

“When you’re searching, consider what type of communication you’re researching. Are you considering interpersonal communication? Job communication?” I decided to do the affect cell phone has on interpersonal communication.


“The annotated bibliography is a formal type of prewriting.

Use your annotated bibliography feedback to help draft your critical review.

Your annotated bibliography is a very strong start. You have focused research on cell phone use and the effects on romantic relationships.

When you draft your critical review, only 5-7 pages, carefully explain the research findings.”

The cellphone has change the way society in general communicates with each other on a daily bases.  This mobile device allows people to stay connected, regardless of the distance that separates them. And besides placing calls, many users send out text messages to give a brief message to the receiver. However can cellphones also be barrier to effective communication, hurting interpersonal relationships?     Comment – Interesting research question! As it evolves when you write your critical review, it should become a statement that addresses your question.


Beaver, Tiffany, David Knox, and Marty E. Zusman. “Hold The Phone!”: Cell Phone Use And  Partner

Reaction Among University Students.” College Student Journal 44.3 (2010): 629- 632. ERIC. Web.

14 Mar. 2016.

This study’s audience are faculty, researchers, and students who have explored the usefulness of  cell phones usage on college campus.  The genre is a scientific journal article that speaks of the barriers of communication resulting from frequent habit of being on the cell phone. The authors’ purpose of this study is to inform college students and cellphone users an awareness of the hindrances coming from cell phones and make efforts to reduce their impact. Comment –Explain these in detail in your critical review.

Jin, Borae, and Jorge F. Pena. “Mobile Communication In Romantic Relationships: Mobile Phone Use,

Relational Uncertainty, Love, Commitment, And Attachment Styles.” Communication Reports 23.1

(2010): 39-51. Business Source Premier. Web. 14 Mar. 2016.

The audience for this publication include counselors, marriage couples, and those who are in or wants to be in a romantic relationship. The genre is an article articulating the core interpersonal skills.  The reason being for the document is to enlighten couples of the emotional impact on their union from subtle distractions of cell phones.  Comment – Interesting – is this article about the ways couples communicate with each other, or does it also include information on cell phone use with individuals outside of the relationship?

Kingsbury, Mila, and Robert J. Coplan. “RU Mad @ Me? Social Anxiety And Interpretation

Of Ambiguous Text Messages.” Computers in Human Behavior 54. (2016): 368-379. Academic

Search Complete. Web. 14 Mar. 2016.

The audience for this publication are enthusiasts of text messaging, along with researchers, family and friends. The genre is a research study emphasizing the tremendous effect of texting. The purpose of the investigation is to study how texting is perceive as super communication in interpersonal relationships. Comment -What effects do Kingsbury and Coplan conclude?

Konrath, Sara, et al. “Can Text Messages Increase Empathy And Prosocial Behavior? The Development

And Initial Validation Of Text To Connect.” Plos ONE 10.9 (2015): 1-27. Academic Search

Complete. Web. 14 Mar. 2016.

The intended audience are relationship experts, couples, and cell phone owners who frequently use their cell phones to send messages.  This genre focuses on influenced digital relationships. The purpose of this article is to heighten knowledgeable couples, family, friends, associates, and any network of people about the effectiveness and the ineffectiveness of using the cell phone to text apprehension messages.  Comment – This article seems to be about purposeful cell phone communication.

Maxwell, John. Everyone Communicates Few Connect. Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 2010. Print.

Devotees of communication skills including psychologist, communicators, leaders, parents, instructors are the audience of this veracity literature. The genre is a published document regarding what effective people do differently when communicating. The publisher’s purpose in writing the book is to promote awareness of effective and barrier of communication.   Comment – You seem to have found nuanced sources. Bravo!

Miller-Ott, Aimee, Lynne Kelly. “The Presence of Cell Phones in Romantic Partner Face-To-Face

Interactions: An Expectancy Violation Theory Approach.” Southern Communication  Journal 80.4

(2015): 253-270. PsycINFO. Web. 14 Mar. 2016.

This article relies heavily on an audience that are interested in defending their romantic relationship. The genre is a scientific journal article that states the uneasiness of a cellphone presence in a cherished relationship.   The publisher’s purpose of the study has concluded that many times the manifestation of cell phones may be disturbing in interpersonal communications.   Comment – What kind of publication is Southern Communication Journal? How does that dictate the audience?

Miller-Ott, Aimee E., Lynne Kelly, and Robert L. Duran. “The Effects Of Cell Phone Usage

Rules On Satisfaction In Romantic Relationships.” Communication Quarterly 60.1 (2012):

17-34. Humanities International Complete. Web. 14 Mar. 2016.

The intentional audience include relationship experts and couples who frequently use their cell phones daily.  This genre is an article that focuses on the cellphone impacts on a couple’s  relationships. The purpose of this article is to disclose a couple’s relationship quality propelled by usage of the cellphone.   Comment – In your critical review, be clear if the cell phone use is within the couple, or with outside individuals.

Again NOTE: (The professor gave the student a critical review example (please let me know if you need to view it) – critical review example is one student taking a broad di


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