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a mental note


1) First make a mental note of what exactly made you select the photograph. What appealed to you: the color, the composition, the subject?

2) Note your initial reactions to the photo before you begin to write your formal critique.

Begin formulating your response. Write down:

1. Describe what you see. This is the easiest part, do not overthink it. Just write down exactly what you see in the photograph. Make sure to be as detailed as possible. Spend some time looking at the photograph.

2. Analyze what is in the photograph. Look at the composition, the lighting, the framing, the textures, the way the subjects are captured. For example, what kinds of shadows are in the photograph? Where are the shadows coming from?

3. Interpret the photograph. This is where your own opinion comes into play. What do you think is happening? What is the story?

4. Judge the photograph. This is where your opinion is most important. Is this a successful photograph? Do you like it? Why or why not?

Using the four-step critique process, please write a brief response of 300–500 words for the photograph you have chosen. Please write your response as a list with the corresponding numbers one through four matching each step of the process: (1) describe, (2) analyze, (3) interpret, and (4) judge.


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