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a practitioner

Assessment 5: Individual Learning Reflection


Words:             700

Due:                  Week 12                    Allocation:  15%

The purpose of this task is to evaluate reflection on learning and the application of ideas to the workplace context.  This task is designed to help you further explore key issues affecting how work is changing and your learning and graduate capabilities on this topic.  You will reflect on set questions to develop your understanding of the unit and content covered and reflect on how this relates to your chosen discipline and application in the workplace.  Submit in turnitin.

Marking Criteria and further information will be available in seminar and on Webct

Marking Criteria:  15 marks total

Answer all questions 3
Provide a relevant reflection on your own learning experience 4
Demonstrate understanding, critical thinking and application of knowledge from readings on the topic of the future of work. 4
Reflect on your current or potential participation as a practitioner of human resources or management and link to topics in CCW 4

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