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an agent of gender development

Your answers will be evaluated on the logic of your analysis and the extent to which you support your claims with information from class content (APA style is not required, but do refer to an article or film by title or author, as much as you can remember.) Your answers will not be graded upon grammar/ spelling/ punctuation.

Only course readings will qualify as a cited reference (not PowerPoints, activities etc.)

5. Media influences gender role stereotypes and the aspirations of women.

a) Briefly explain the article “Don’t Be happy, Worry” (1 pts).

b) Explain the impact that false study results, like the Harvard study (mentioned in the article “Don’t Be Happy, Worry”) have over women and our society in general. (1 pts).

c) Explain & provide specific examples of how media acts as an agent of gender development. (1 pts)

d) Briefly describe the article, “Marriage by the Numbers” (1 pts) and its relevancy to the “Don’t be Happy, Worry” article.

e) *No sources needed*

Article : “ Don’t be happy – worry” by Susan Faludo

From Race and gender in the American Economy


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