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an outsider

This paper ┬áis for my a philosophy class and it’s due tomorrow at 9:00 Am.we are supposed to pick any story that we took in class from the book and base on that story we have to create our own but relative to the one we picked. I chose to write about “Aristotle The Outsider” and I’m going to attach the story so you can have an idea about it, in the story i have to choose whether he stay and fight or leave because he doesn’t belong.

In this case i’m going to write about an outsider who lives in a different country and faced many problems and moved many times just trying to fit in this place. some of the issues was, that even if he want to leave he couldn’t because he had problems with the immigration so he chose to stay until he gets an answer. In fact he can go back, but the problem is if he chose to go he can never come back and obviously he can’t choose to leave because he has one year left to graduate and this is going to ruin everything he did for the past years.
The story doesn’t have to be too detailed I just gave you the main parts of the story, you can make up anything to fill the spaces, but it should show what was the decision staying or leaving.


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