Choose one of the key arguments from your policy memo. (“Arguments from your policy memo” are the reasons you have for concluding that your proposed solution is the preferred solution.) Support this argument in more detail.

For this argument, present a claim, factual evidence supporting the claim, and an explanation of how the evidence supports the claim. Your evidence must include a chart, table, or (at the least) data in some form. You may find data related to your argument using the Statistical Abstract, Statista, or any of the other links included in the “Statistics and Numeric Data” tab on our course resource page at the library’s website. Other data sources are welcome too; the preceding are only suggestions. Always cite sources when presenting data.

You may find the information and example at the following link helpful in preparing your argument. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Note that this assignment does not require you to include a counterclaim and rebuttal, though you may wish to use that structure at times in your final paper.

The format of the assignment you turn in will be:

Claim: In one sentence, state your stance/argument. This might be a sentence from your policy memo.

Evidence: In one or two sentences, use words to communicate the relevant fact or fact(s) from your chart or table. Tell the reader to look at your figure, e.g. write “See Figure 1 below.” or “Figure 1 below shows…”.

Explanation: In few sentences, explain how your evidence supports your claim.

Figure: Include your figure (chart or table) at the end of the assignment.

Your claim, evidence, and explanation should be approximately 130 words. Use single-spacing for text, with lines between each section. Your figure may be included on the same page or on a separate page.