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as SVR and the other might not

Guest Speech Reflection Paper Outline

The reflection paper should be between 2 to 4 pages. The paper should be written in narrative form and include the following two elements (do not number them in your essay). I have provided some fictitious examples for each part of the narrative, however these are merely suggestions for what the narrative might look like and do not prescribe a specific approach. Remember, you must have both elements in your paper. Each element counts 10 points, and the structure, organization, transition, and grammar of the paper count 5 points.

1. Briefly summarize some of the key points of the presentation, and comment on them. (10 points)

For example: A social virtual reality (SVR) exists when the user feels that the environment is “real” and the user has some sense of presence in the environment. If these two conditions are not met, then the experience is not a SVR. Presence was defined as the effect the user has of feeling outside the physical body and inside a virtual body. I took this emphasis on user perception to mean that if there is more than one person in an environment at the same time (picture a virtual chat room with avatars) one person may perceive it as SVR and the other might not. For me there was ambiguity in this definition, …

2. Discuss your reactions to or impressions of the presentation. This could include thoughts about extending the research, your reaction to the talk, your observation about others’ reaction to the talk or anything else that relates to the presentation (10 points).

My final thoughts reflect on the question about the “dark side” of technological communication. Given that technology is wrought from human endeavor, I believe a dark side would exist. I think though, that if its dangers are identified and recognized that the negative effects could be mitigated. The example raised dealt with hate groups, and their ability to create a presence and rally supporters. This is a valid concern and does need to be addressed by social scientists in many fields including those in computer mediated communication. To me one of the first defenses…


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