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Basketball Hall of Fame Enshrinement

Michael Jordan’s Basketball Hall of Fame Enshrinement

Don’t move around!

Slow down!

No hat!

Speak Clearly!


I. In the words of NBA superstar Dwayne Wade “I grew up in Chicago, and I understand what Michael Jordan symbolizes.”

II. Michael Jordan dedication, competiveness, and dependability.

III. We commemorate the career of Michael Jordan

IV. 2009 Basketball Hall of Fame enshrinement.

(Transition: elevation to the highest echelon of basketball immortality.)

**** Pause ****


Slow Down!

No Moving!

I. Dedication to the game

A. Foundation for his career

1. He started playing basketball as a young boy

2. In 1978 cut from team at the age of 15

3. Dedicated himself to get better; made team

B. Dedicated to always keep improving

1. Olympian Frank Shorter said “To put it another way, Michael Jordan was a gym rat.”

2. Hard work turned into confidence on the court

Slow Down!

No Moving!

(Transition: dedication was unmatched, gladiator like competitiveness)

II. His competitiveness drove him

A. His mental competitiveness

1. Take on anyone at any time

2. Tell defenders what he was going to do

B. His physical competitiveness

1. Wanted to be guarded by the opposing team’s best defender.

2. Wanted to defend the opposing team’s best offensive threat.

3. He scored at will against the other team’s best defenders

Slow Down!

No Moving!

(Transition: his competitiveness gave him the edge, his dependability makes him the greatest of all time)

A. always counted on to make that big shot.

1. 1982 National Championship game

2. “The Shot”

3. 1998 NBA Finals

B. could always depend on Michael Jordan to score points, play defense, and win titles.

1. 32,292 points, 5,633 assists

2. 2,514 steals

3. 6,692 total rebounds.

4. 6 NBA titles, 10 NBA scoring titles.

**** Pause ****

Slow Down!

No Moving!


I. I still stare in awe at the great things he accomplished.

II. The dedication, competiveness, and dependability he displayed.

III. Michael Jordan’s legacy will forever be known as the best.



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