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Blood Wedding

Read the play “Blood Wedding” by Federico Garcia Lorca. Answer 3 of the following questions of your choosing. You must use quotes from the play, providing examples of your opinions. You must also provide in text citations in MLA format, and a works cited page.

The 3 answers must be a minimum of 200 words together.
Choose 3 of the following.
1. This play was written at a time of upheaval in Spain, and directly before the Spanish Civil War. How does Lorca convey these issues through the setting? characters? plot?
2. Lorca writes from a place of deep passion for the under class, unrequited love, and a love for Andalusia, his home in southern Spain. How does he reflect all of these passions in the play?
3. Discuss the relationship between the mother and her son. Where do you see conflict?
4. In Act III how do the wood cutters, veiled woman beggar, and animate moon add to the tone of the play? Who is the veiled woman beggar?
5. Because Lorca is first, and foremost, a poet- discuss metaphor, simile and rhyme in the play.
6. Give a character sketch of each major character and discuss their intertwined relationships.
7. Discuss vendetta in the play. Who has a vendetta? What is the result?



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