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British Literature

This is a paper for an upper level literary cultural studies course on British Literature. The paper is required to be 6-7 pgs in length doublespaced, 12 Pt Times New Roman Font. I have attached the prompt for the assignment. I am doing topic 2. I have also uploaded the syllabus for reference as well. The paper should be well written and provide great attention to detail of the topics at hand. There is no need for big vocabulary words to try and impress it is important to stay focusing on providing a compelling argument and support from the texts. I have also provided an indepth outline for the paper including an intro and thesis fully written out as well as supporting arguments that should be expanded on. The intro and thesis are exactly how i want it to be started and should be used in the essay. The only text that does not have support is Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice so a teacher who has read Pride and prejudice is encouraged and preferred. In adddition, there is a requirement for atleast 2 scholarly sources to be sited and I do not want wikipedia sited as a source I want this to a be a credible essay or plublication or book and if need be can be a site if it is a reputable source.


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