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brutality of war

1 Why do most of the young women in the book decide to become ambulance drivers?

They had been drafted by the British military

They needed extra money from the work

They were patriotic and wanted to help with the war effort

They wanted to be close to their boyfriends

2 How do the women ambulance drivers feel about the Germans?

They see the Germans as enemies who must be defeated

They don’t every think about the Germans because they are too busy driving ambulances

They tend to see young, German soldiers as victims of the war just like they are

The believe British propaganda depicting the Germans as barbarians

3 What group/groups of people are presented as the primary enemies in this book?

The high command of the German army

The European aristocracy

German soldiers

Political and military leaders as well as people on the home front who caused and supported the war

4 What are the primary concerns of Helen Zenna Smith’s mother as well as Mrs. Evans-Mawington, Roy’s mother?

They worry about the safety of their children

They want to gain status and prestige through their children’s wartime service

They worry about Britain being bombed

They want the war to end at all cost

5 What kind of relationship do the women ambulance drivers have with their commanding officer?

Their officer tries to protect them and make sure work is handed out fairly

The officer discriminates against lower-class girls

The officer is unreasonable and makes life miserable for the girls by handing out unnecessary punishments and ridiculous rules

The officer insists that all the girls follow strict religious rules

6 What happens to Helen’s sister Trix?

She dies in an ambulance wreck

She gets pregnant and has an abortion

She marries an army officer

She disgraced the family by refusing to help with the war effort

7 What happens when Helen quits her job as an ambulance driver and refuses to go back to the front?

Her family is supportive of her decision and encourages her to become a teacher

She is drafted by the British government and forced to go back

She is shamed by her family and disinherited by her aunt

Pro-war protesters hold rallies outside her home

8 How does the war alter traditional morality/women’s behavior?

The girls supervision is so tight that few changes in traditional morality occur

Traditional morality dissolves and many girls engage in sexual relationships with multiple men

The girls have much greater freedom to travel alone and make decisions on their own with no supervision

The girls use language that was usually reserved for men

All of the above except A

9 When Roy is severely injured how does his mother respond?

She is devastated by her son’s injuries

She is angry with the British government for getting Britain involved in the war

She is happy because he got a medal for service to the nation and increased the families prestige

She started a foundation to help other injured veterans

10 What is the BF’s primary goal for her wartime service?

She wants to find an officer to marry

She genuinely only wants to help wounded soldiers

She hopes wartime work with advance her medical career and help her get into medical school

She is trying to save money for a dowry

11 What happens to Tosh?

She is killed when a bomb hits her ambulance

She is sent home for sleeping with a wounded solider

She gets sick and dies after contracting a disease in an army hospital

She is discovered to be a spy for the Germans

12 Why do some of the women cut their hair short during the war?

They like Coco Chanel’s new designs and want to seem modern

Army regulations required them to cut their hair which helped start the bob trend in the 1920s

They cut their hair for safety reasons so it wouldn’t get caught in the ambulance machinery when they washed and repaired their ambulances

They cut their hair to be cleaner and to help eliminate lice

13 How does Helen describe her experiences to her family at home?

She tries to describe the horrible things she sees so her family will understand what war is really like

She doesn’t tell her parents about her terrible experiences because she doesn’t think they will understand or believe her

Censorship prevents her from telling her family how things really are

14 Her parents ask her not to talk about her war experiences when she is home

What happens to Helen Smith at the end of the book?

The war is finally over and she gets to go home

She and Roy get married despite his injuries

A bomb is dropped on her unit, everyone she cares about is dead and her soul is dead

She is killed when the ship she was on sinks in the English Channel

15 What is the overall message of Not So Quiet?

It is basically pro-war, presenting WWI as a necessary war that Britain had to fight

It is a pacifist book designed to demonstrate the brutality of war

It is a feminist book showing the abilities and dedication of women

It warns people not to give women too much freedom because that undermines social stability

B and C


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