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Choose an analysis model

1.Choose an analysis model. ( SWOT analysis, PDSA model, or any model)

that is appropriate to your selected issue  ( issue: emotional intelligence in nurse leaders) .

2. Identify and describe the model you will be using, then use the model to analyze your work issue (I will attach the document explaining the issue). Be sure to address the issue from a nurse leadership perspective.

3. Choose one additional model and briefly describe that model.

4. Suggest six interventions that would be useful for the nurse leader when dealing with a variety of work issues. For each intervention, you should provide the expected outcome.


Writing Requirements:


Your paper must be at least  5 pages long, excluding the cover page and references.

Use double spacing in between entries and annotations with one-inch margins.

Use Times New Roman, 12-point font.

Sources: Support your choices with references and at least two resources not required for this course. These may come from the journals you used in your annotated bibliography. (I will attach a copy of the annotated bibliography)


Format the paper (including references) according to APA (6th edition) style and formatting guideline


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