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Chugiak’s Business Person of the Year

  • Commemorative Speech and outline 

Post your commemorative speech to this discussion area.


  • Enter a brief title for your commemorative speech and identify your audience and the occasion.
  • Attach your speech outline.


Commemorative Speech and outline here is example, please do this way


                                  Chugiak’s Business Person of the Year


Specific Purpose: To introduce this year’s winner of the Chugiak Business Person of the year



Central Idea: Beth’s leadership, devotion, and sacrifice to her community during this past

year has led to her winning of this award.



English poet William Wordsworth said,” That best portion of a good man’s life, [is] his little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and of love.” And this quotation certainly applies to our honoree this evening. I am thrilled at the opportunity to introduce our honored and distinguished guest this evening. Tonight we pay tribute to the leadership, devotion, and sacrifices that Beth Williams has offered to our community within the last year. All that she has done has led to this day and the award she is about to receive.


Transition: This award Beth has earned, she attributes in part to her supportive and

service-minded family.


I. She and her family have lived in and served Alaska for 15 years.

A. Her husband Jim is active in the community as well.

1. He is a construction contractor for the Municipality of Anchorage.

2. He is also an active member of the Chugiak Volunteer Fire Department.

3. He was on the 1995 Habitat for Humanity Board that built 5 houses for low

income families.

B. Her children Joe and Peggy both attend Birchwood ABC Elementary School in


1. Both are honor students.

2. Both have received citizenship awards for community service.


Transition: Beth modestly holds up the achievements of her family and how they have

influenced her to be her best, but let’s look at what Beth has done to benefit our



II. Beth has served her community in a variety of ways.

A. First, she designed and oversaw the decoration of the Chugiak Youth Soccer

Association float for the annual Bear Paw Parade.

B. And speaking of CYSA soccer, she has been a coach for five years, often staying

late to help the young athletes practice their skills.

C. Next, she has served on the PTSA board for Birchwood ABC, orchestrating several

fund-raisers to benefit athletic programs in the school.

D. In addition, she and her family were among the first to volunteer to pick up trash in

our community several times this year.

E. Finally, she was personally responsible for organizing the Senior Center

Community Thanksgiving dinner which provided dinner for over 80 seniors who

would not otherwise have had a Thanksgiving meal this year.


Transition: With all these volunteer activities, it’s a wonder Beth has time for anything

else, but I’m just getting started in heralding her achievements. She also manages

her own business.


III. So, let’s look at her contributions as a business woman.

A. First, she created a non-profit business that helps young people find jobs.

1. As part of her business, she created a database for coordinating babysitters with


2. She also mentors small businesses in the Chugiak area to post job openings

specially targeted to young people.

3. In addition, she helps youth find apprenticeships in various career fields, by

matching them with experienced business leaders.

4. Casey Connell, one of her success stories, said,” I don’t know what I would

have done without Beth’s help. She believed in me when I had given up on ever

finding work. No one wanted to hire a kid with no experience, and she got me

the training I needed to become a successful electrician. I’ll always be grateful

to her.”

B. Along with helping the youth in town, Beth takes the $10 registration fee that her

customer’s pay for her services and donates it back into various special activities

within our community.


Conclusion: I think we can all agree that Beth is certainly deserving of this award. So

without further comment, I would like to offer the award of Business Person of the

Year to our own Beth Williams. Beth, please come forward to accept your



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