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Coaching and Mentoring Skills

Coaching and Mentoring Skills
Website icon Coaching and Mentoring Skills Scoring Guide.Website icon Capella Undergraduate Online Writing Center: APA Style and Format.Website icon Employee Coaching Responsibilities.
Complete all of the following tasks to ensure that you fulfill all of the requirements of this assignment.

Training that develops coaching and mentoring skills is an essential part of a management development program. For this assignment, you will discover how to incorporate coaching and mentoring skills into the heart of an employee development program.

Complete the following:

1.Review the Coaching and Mentoring Skills Scoring Guide to ensure that you have met the requirements for this assignment.
2.Visit the Employee Coaching Responsibilities Web page, linked in the Resources and complete the following:
•Click the "Employee Coaching Responsibilities Explained" link and review the information.
•Follow the instructions on the Web page to download the "Employee Coaching Concepts" article.
•Follow the instructions to complete the Coaching Concepts Survey in the article.
3.Once you have completed the survey, discuss in a 2–3-page paper what you learned about the coaching and mentoring processes.
•Address both the similarities and differences between coaching and mentoring and the advantages and disadvantages of each as well.
•Describe how both coaching and mentoring can influence the effectiveness of a manager.
•Please use a total of four outside resources to complete this assignment; the two sources identified here and two others you locate in the literature base during your research on this topic.
•Please be sure to use in-text citations and include a References page as well. Be sure that both citations and references are formatted according to APA formatting guidelines.

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