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context of models in Northouse

I need One and Half pages assignment on “Sherron Watkins” as a leader which is due by 04/13/2016  at 08:00 hours. The following are the requirements:


1. Describe what made this person a great leader and addressed their shortcomings; provided evidence to support assertions.

2. Used techniques like comparison and contrast to analyze the individual’s leadership behavior within the context of models in Northouse.

3. Described how this leader was ethical or not. What social issues did or didn’t this leader address?

4. Described the person’s leadership approach and lessons learned that the student could use as they develop as a leader.


Note: Page 1 & 2 (Infomration) and Page 3 (three Citations) , MLA format, Single Spacing. NO PLAGIARISM. Its Safe Assignment.


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