Critical Response to World Film Score

Assignment: Critical Response to World Film Score Due SUNDAY MAY 5


Research and write a 2-3 page double-spaced summary and description of an International/Foreign Film Music Score. Post the final version in Blackboard as a word document or PDF under “World Film Score Submission” in Unit 5’s folder.

• Provide summary of the film, a brief history of the composer, and describe any unique musical instruments used in the film. Is the score primarily western orchestration or non-western?

• Select one or two pieces to discuss. (You can find the soundtracks in Amazon or on iTunes with the proper titles).

• Is the music convincing? Why or Why not? If you were the composer, what might have you done differently?


• “FilmTracks”has modern reviews on various soundtracks:


• “The Film Music Society” provides biographies and articles about a variety of film composers:


• Don’t be distracted by the subtitles. You can get a lot of the meaning from the story

• Research a director (and their cultural, political and social beliefs) so you will be informed

• The approach to watching International films is perhaps more demanding on the viewer. Perhaps less-escapist in nature

• Perhaps introduce yourself to the folk music of the film maker to be aware of the use of traditional music and perhaps non-western