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develop a problem statement

Problem Statement

In this assignment, you will develop a problem statement, which will be the foundation for your proposed research study and future dissertation.


To understand how to narrow down to a specific topic for your future dissertation:

· Determine a topic of interest, hopefully, related to your dissertation.

· Provide a summary background that culminates into a problem statement of interest based on current (in the past five years) peer-reviewed research (from peer-reviewed journal articles in the Argosy University online library resources).

· Write three to five research questions for your chosen qualitative methodology (case study, phenomenology, grounded theory, ethnography, or narrative approaches).

· Summarize your proposed population using research to support your questions, as well as references to the classmate-reviewed research. You can use previously written research questions from prerequisite courses.

In about 1,500 words, write a paper including the following:

· A 3-page summary background including contemporary study results related to your topic of interest

· The problem statement iterated

· Research questions written in open-ended format appropriate for the type of qualitative methodology

· The population asked to participate, along with information related to accessing and soliciting research participation once Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval is granted

Note that your submission should follow AUO academic writing guidelines and APA rules for academic writing and referencing.

Submission Details:

· By Sunday, March 13, 2016, save your research paper as a Microsoft Word document.


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