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devotional guide

Write an essay. 4-5 pages. (not including references or title page). Single spaced. 12pt font. APA referencing.


Im looking for a person with some experience with Dante. Short and easy topic, but has to be really well written (college level).


The question/ Assignment


Dante’s Commedia can be read and understood as literature, as history, or as a devotional guide for the journey of the soul to God. Your assignment is to choose one of these ways to read the Commedia, to explain the reason for your choice, and to write an essay defending the reading of the Commedia the way you choose. You must use specific example and/or quotes from all three cantos of the Commedia to support your point of view. The best papers will cite some of the readings we have discussed this semester and some of the presentations made by members of the class. (List of articles viewed in class attached.**)

** evidence is prefered to be from this sources but with a few time it is enough.



Aleksander, “Audience”

Auerbach, “St. Francis”

Barolini, “The Other”

Charles Till Davis, “Canto XIX”

Charles Till Davis, “Poverty”

Charles Till Davis, “Vision”

Joan Ferrante, “Dante’s Beatrice”

John Freccero, “Casella”

John Freccero, “The Prologue Scene”

John Freccero, “Ulysses”

Robert Hollander, “Allegory”

Najemy, “Dante and Florence”

John A. Scott, “The Poem’s Center”

John A. Scott, “Apocalypse”

Prue Shaw, “Numbers”

Prue Shaw, “Words”

Charles S. Singleton, “In exitu”

Williams, “Beatrice”




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