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Diversity Profile

Reflective Journal: Who Am I?—The Journey Continues

Last week, recognizing that diversity is represented by your unique social identities, you began to create a “Diversity Profile.” You created a list of words and phrases that represent your current social identities. You also articulated three professional goals based on your aspirations related to the study of diversity. This week, reflect specifically on what you learned about power and dominant cultures, about family cultures and cultural dynamics. Ask yourself: In what ways have experiences with any or all of these contributed to who I am today?

Title this assignment: Diversity Profile—Week 2 and complete the following:

In response to the question “Who am I,” add three new insights about:
Your personal experiences with power and the power structure inherent in dominant cultures
Connections you discern between your family culture and dominant culture(s), including an assessment of the ways in which you are/are not a part of a dominant culture
Consequences, if any, of experiences with cultural discontinuity in your own life or in the lives of members of your family
Review the list you created for your “Diversity Profile” last week with this week’s insights in mind. Then decide if the words and phrases you used to describe your social identities are still adequate. Change, delete, add to, or keep the list as is.
Submit your Diversity Profile—Week 2

Submit this assignment by Wednesday of this week.


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