Do a quick Internet or magazine search for news concerning plate tectonic motions causing changes to Earth Spheres



ES 110 – Earth & Astronomical Science

Homework #2

Answer the following questions and submit via Blackboard in the correct file format as outlined in the syllabus. No other formats will be accepted. Also, please put your name on your homework.

Chapter 3 – Rocks

1. Short Essay Question (3pts):

In your own words, explain the Rock Cycle in detail with the idea that “one rock is the raw material for another.” Include short definitions and specific examples for each rock type: sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic.

2. Explain – Textbook Review Question (4pt.)

Go to figure 3.11 in your textbook and take a look at Granite and Rhyolite. Recall what you have learned about these two rocks. How are granite and rhyolite different? How are they the same? Be specific. Which type of rock are these? (sedimentary, metamorphic or igneous)

3. Explain – Examining the Earth System (4pt)

The sedimentary rocks coquina and shale have each formed in response to interactions among two or more of Earth’s Spheres. Very briefly, in your own words, describe coquina and shale. Then list the spheres associated with the formation of each and write a short explanation for each of your choices.

Chapter 7 – Plate Tectonics

4. Textbook Review Question (4pts)

Describe the four major pieces of evidence that led Wegner to believe that the continents move and were once a single continent called Pangea?

5. Textbook Review Question (4pts)

Looking at the world plate boundary map on pages 202-203 in your textbook (13th Ed), name 4 plate boundary pairs and what type of boundary they share. (For example: Australian-Indian Plate & Antarctic plate = Divergent Boundary)

6. Real World Examples – Essay Question

(**4pts for summary, 2pts – for correct APA format in-text citations and reference list)

Do a quick Internet or magazine search for news concerning plate tectonic motions causing changes to Earth Spheres. Summarize the article in your own words and explain how it pertains to the topics of plate tectonics and changes in the Earth’s four spheres (or one of the spheres). Your summary should be no more than 2 paragraphs and must be in your own words, and at the level of this course (meaning don’t just copy the article wording).

This assignment will give you practice in summarizing scientific work in your own words and practice citing sources correctly. Use APA 6th Ed. in-text citations and bibliography style in this short summary. You may only have 1-2 citations (the article and your textbook) and that is fine for this short essay. Use this tutorial or contact me for help in citations/bibliography if you need it: