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Edgardo Vega

Note: Edgardo Vega/Thomas Bernhard delivers his monologue to Moya in a bar while having drinks. Important: he is narrating to Moya what has already happened to him in San Salvador. ————————————————————————————————————————————- Plot Monologue/Discourse Figurative Language 1 arrival-airport 1a tropics-heat-idiotizing 2 taxi ride (296-7) 2a taxi driver-thiefs-cops (296-7) 2a taxi drivers…like birds of

prey (296) Simile def: the Salvadoran is the cop that we all carry inside us (297) Metaphor cop is…a thief (297) cop is…nosy taxi driver (297) All taxi drivers are cops… (297) Metaphors

2b Monument to Peace Monument to Distant Brother (297) 2b Monument to the Distant

Brother…looks like a gigantic urinal (297) Simile 2c enormous heads-Flintstones ————————————-Break in the Narrative—-The “screwing around” night follows————————- Plot Monologue/Discourse Figurative Language * Nothing happens * Brother’s behavior & family * his and his friends’ greatest

pleasure…jumping like primates (299) Simile 3 Barbwire (299) 3a Barbwire description (299) 3b Juancho, a Negroid (299) 3b a machine that talks… a talking dummy…. (300)

Methapors 3c four individuals 3c the so called demobilized

fighters have fun like kids with the hand grenades… (301) Simile 4 Rococo (301) 4a Rococo description (301) 4b the Negroid (301) 4b the Negroid’s howling… (302)

Metaphor 4i feels sick (302) 4ii sits in car & gets panic 4iia Mrs. Trabanino (302-3) attack (303) 4iib turd-cerote (305) 5 The Office (305) 5a The Office description (306) 5b sexual commerce (306) 5b its commerce, a practice that eats up your spiritual faculties… (306) Metaphor 5c greasy women description (307) 5d filthiest restrooms description (307) 5d I entered into that rotten gas chamber defenseless… (307) Metaphor 5e vomiting description (307) 5e that whorehouse was a huge vomit pit sprinkled with semen and spit… (307) Metaphor to leave that den immediately (307) Metaphor 5f Canadian passport “lost” panic (308) 5f It was…a sinister nightmare (308) Metaphor the two dens of iniquity where we had been before (309) Metaphor 5g Edgardo Vega/Thomas Bernhard (310) 5h La Vega Barrio, robbed (310)


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