elaborate on a particular

3) Seminar Paper 50%

Students will write a final comparative paper of 6-8 pages to elaborate on a particular thesis about gender and religion as presented in at least 2 of the 3 novels and draw on at least 3 secondary readings to provide supporting evidence for their readings. The precise topic should emerge from your own interests. This paper will be written in stages as part of a process, and some of the work will be completed in class through a series of writing exercises and group collaborations.

Part A: (5%) Thesis and Outline -Due November 12th by 5:30pm We will workshop your thesis and outlines together in groups during part of our regularly scheduled class time throughout the session; however a thoughtful thesis and an outline must be submitted to your digication eportfolio.

Part B: (10%) Annotated Bibliography-Due November 19th by 5:30 pm -This is the research component of your paper, and will demonstrate that you are aware of the secondary material that is relevant to your project. Detailed instructions will be provided for you during the class and your Annotated Bibiography. Your working groups can help you find sources that might be relevant.

Part C: (10%) Rough Draft –Due December 3rd by 5:30pm-The rough draft will incorporate your thesis and follow the organizational structure set out by your outline, though deviations from your original ideas are to be expected, especially since you will be farther along in the course. The Rough draft must be at least 3 pages and show some effort to use secondary sources to support your arguments about the primary sources given in your thesis.

Part D: (25%) Final comparative paper- Due 11:59pm on Saturday December 12th.