Electronic Literature Assignment

Electronic Literature Assignment #3 – Due Date: 02/ 06/ 2019 Part I Write a meaningless poem and post it in the forum. By “meaningless”, I don’t mean meaningless to you personally. Try to use words in a way that will be meaningless to a reader. The closer you can get to that, while still writing something, the better. A good way to start this assignment would be to brainstorm lots of different possible approaches to this, then choose the one that feels most interesting to you. Your post should not include context, explanation, or discussion. The content/title of the post should ONLY be your meaningless poem (and its title, if it has one), with no other text. Part II Answer the questions about your poem. Was your poem really meaningless? What kinds of poems in the set are more or less meaningless than others? Are any surprisingly meaningful for you? Can we differentiate between different kinds of meaninglessness? If so, how? What does that suggest to you about language and poetry? Include thinking about “Sea and Spar” or “Lecture on Nothing” if it feels relevant. Part III

Do I? A mime of no significance Not a clown or a scavenger type This is a fire we have kindled This is not an exit, but an open heart What that means, you’ll never have a clue The flow of a river running deep You walk across and only wet your ankles I am not like you, or her I can’t help myself, I’m not your savior I am who I want to be I am not who you need me to be

I am not, I do not This is the end of an era I don’t have much left to fight Is hate a feeling or a desire? Do you hate? Do I? You will never find me with a note left to be read a pistol in my hand a bullet in my head The census has indicated This atlas has related We are not, we never were.

Read the meaningless poem above and make a comment to the poem related Part II. (150-200words) Rubrics:

• Post comprehensively addresses the topic, adds value to discussion with stimulating posts • Posts in-depth, incisive reflections that demonstrate critical thinking; shares real-world experiences and

examples • Well-written posts made within required timeframe; no grammar/spelling