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  Film criticism in major newspapers

1. The first paper is the film criticism essay, based in large part on the Corrigan text, in which you will write with some depth on the film “THE BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES”. Minimum 7-8 pages.  I look for a clear thesis statement that you support with at least a couple of academic sources and not the more trivial websites that proliferate on film.  Film criticism in major newspapers and periodicals can be useful and, of course, books.  But once again, this first paper is not a research paper that comes later.  You don’t need lots of sources and your style can be very personal (except please don’t talk to a “You” audience).  I also want an interesting original idea that you may have captured after reflecting on a the film for a while and reading the articles on BB Content, which can be your only sources to support your analyses.   Just one idea or perspective that informs your analysis in a special way can earn you an A.  Clear organization and style are important and a cohesive as well as a coherent paper will mark your paper as Excellent to Superior.


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