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free technology website

Part I Paper is 500-700 words in length. The essay is a total of at least three paragraphs. Describe three of the communication skills that you think will be most beneficial to you in your professional or personal life. The essay should have a clearly stated introduction with thesis statement; a supportive paragraph in which you discuss in detail the three communication skills; and a concluding paragraph in which you discuss the benefits of the three communication skills. Include an APA reference to the textbook and any suitable sources you have chosen for this essay. Upload this assignment in Week 1 assignment, “Effective Communication Blog or Podcast.”

As the paper is largely your response to the three communication styles, you may not need more than the textbook as a reference. If you use a quotation or paraphrase, include the APA in text citation. However, most of the essay should be your own words and/or ideas. You may write in First Person singular (I, me) for this essay with third person. Do not use you (second person singular) or we (first person plural). You may use Third Person if you choose.


Part II Create a blog or podcast, using a free technology website that describes three of the important skills you think are required to communicate effectively. Submit your essay as a Microsoft Word document. Include the link to your blog or podcast so your instructor can easily read the original blog or access the podcast.

Note: The blog is easier to create than the podcast. This has the same content as the uploaded document in Part I.


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