How momentum conservation is exemplified in various physical activities.

For this assignment, you will create a PowerPoint that demonstrates the concepts covered in this unit. Find and select images that apply/explain/identify various physical concepts that we have learned in this unit. Identify the concept that is being demonstrated in that image, and provide an explanation that relates the image to the concept. Your presentation must contain at least these concepts:

  • How impulse-momentum theorem relates to Newton’s second law.
  • The relationship between linear momentum conservation and Newton’s third law.
  • How momentum conservation is exemplified in various physical activities.
  • The difference between kinetic and potential energy.
  • The relation among work, energy and power in daily life.

Some other topics that may be included are impulse, elastic/inelastic collision, energy conservation, power, work, angular momentum conservation, torque, center of mass/gravity, and centripetal/centrifugal force, among others.

Your PowerPoint must be a minimum of 10 slides not including the title and reference slide. You are required to insert appropriate images and diagrams to enhance your content. In addition to the images, you must use at least two scholarly references in your presentation. Any images or information used should be cited in APA format. Also, it is a good idea to utilize presenter notes and provide narration, but this is not required.

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