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Identification of problem

Grading Guide

Thinking / Inquiry

Summarize the main problem and its setting. List possible ways of responding to the problem


Identification of problem is vague and/or does not elaborate/exemplify the problem. Principles and theories of Virtue Ethics identified from the reading assignment, but not clearly defined. No elaboration, examples, or illustrations to support relevance to the problem Clearly identifies the problem in the case with only limited elaboration. Some relevant Virtue Ethics moral principles and theories identified and clearly defined from the reading assignment.   Some elaboration with supporting examples and/or illustrations show vague applicability to the problem Clearly identifies the problem of the case using elaboration/ examples and/or the relevant concepts.  Identified from the reading assignment and clearly defined all moral principles and theories that are most directly applicable to the problem.
Point of View/

Decision Making

Identify and justify the one moral principle or theory from the reading assignment that you think is best.


Conclusions and interpretations are stated, but are not linked to the information presented and do not directly address the identified problem. The decision is based only on some of the information presented and does not directly address the identified problem Acknowledges the existence of more than one point of view in the reading assignment.  Explains why the other possible points of view are unacceptable to directly address the identified problem.
Communication/ Mechanics and MLA Format 


Major and frequent spelling or grammatical errors detract from clarity and/or logical flow. Some spelling or grammatical errors detract fr

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