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Interpersonal Communication

Interpersonal Communication


1. Briefly describe the Transactional Model of Communication by listing at least 5 parts or labels you would find by looking at its visual depiction. Describe and explain how this model is different from the Linear Model of Communication.

2. Interpersonal communication involves ethical choices. Define ethics and explain why interpersonal communication involves these ethical choices.

3. Your friend Adam has a problem with perception and communication. Based on what you learned in class and from your book on guidelines for improving perception and communication, fully describe three guidelines for improving perception and communication that would help your friend.

4. Choose at least 4 of the following descriptive nonverbal communication labels. In your own words define them accurately: Physical appearance, Silence, Paralanguage, Proxemics, Kinesics, Haptics, Artifacts, and Chronemics.


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