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issue of homelessness

you will be compiling a cultural conflict portfolio. In this portfolio, you are to pick an issue that impacts citizens on a local, state, of National level. Be aware, most topics will be present on more than one level. Your job then is to collect 3-5 articles per week that discuss the issue of your choice. For example, If I were doing this project and decided to focus on the issue of homelessness, I would want to do a google news search of homelessness and pick articles that showcase a variety of perspectives. Each week you will do a ½- 1 page summary of what the coverage is telling you. Please feel free to also look to user comment threads to help gain perspective.  This will cover 4 weeks of media analysis. (WEEKS JANUARY 26TH THROUGH MARCH 4) You will turn in your catalog of media articles, your weekly reports, and a 5-8 page paper discussing: (1) how public discourses shape the conflict; (2) what is anything is being done currently to work towards social change; (3) what would you do/implement as an advocate for this issue. Feel free to construct this final paper using the 3 areas above as your 3 body points. Then you only have to come up with the intro and conclusion. MOre details is in the attachment


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