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knowledge about the books

The attachment contains three questions, only one question will be picked and explained in this essay. So, i leave that choice to the writer. The writer can pick the one he is more confident with. The wirter needs to let me know in advance which qestion he desires to write about, so i can provide more guidelines if it is necesarry.

Only resources that can be cite in this assignment are the books itlsef. No online or otside citation for this specific assignments. The writer should add some of his/her knowledge about the books and make his/her own statements that make the prof. feel like the assignment is not written robotically.

Once again it is really important that the writer needs to put his own thoughts and ideas even it is right or wrong. Please do not explian what happened in the book, please explain what do you think that might occur in a different way or simillar way with your own thought process. Since, the prof already knows what’s in the book he doesnt want to hear it again in my essay, he wants to know what do I think happened in the books. Thus, Please make it more interensting by putting your own ideas even it is wrong. it is the only way that I can get full points, otherwise I would fail.



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