language Observation

Part 1

In this unit’s reading, you will watch a video of an 18 month old child in preparation for this project. From this video, you will fill out two assessment instruments: an anecdotal record and developmental checklists. Since the child is 18 months old, you need to fill out both the one year old developmental checklist and the 2 year old developmental checklist as the child may have skills found at both one and two years of development. These forms can be found in this unit. Carefully watch the video and fill out these assessment tools. Be sure to use objective, measurable language in your observations. Be sure to include your completed assessment forms in your submission for this project. You can expect to watch the video multiple times in order to be able to observe everything you need to do a thorough assessment. Remember, you need to address each of the developmental domains: cognition, social-emotional, physical and language. Observation and assessment are learned skills and take practice.

Part 2

You will write an essay discussing the results of the video observation data collection including additional assessment needs and possible instructional strategies. Please note: early childhood professionals can always use additional assessments and you must discuss additional assessment needs for this child. You should use the template provided for your project.

While you are encouraged to integrate material from the course readings and discussions, make sure to paraphrase (don’t copy word-for-word!) and provide the sources for your content.

Your paper should be 3-5 pages long, typed, double-spaced and in a 12-point font size (Arial or Times New Roman) with one-inch margins. You must include a title page and a reference page (but these do not count in the 3-5 page guideline).