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Learning Launch

  • Course Text: Discovering Child Development
    • Page 243: Early Childhood Development
    • Chapter 8: Physical Development and Health in Early Childhood
      • Pages 245–251
  • CD-ROM: Development: Journey Through Childhood and Adolescence
    • Unit 6: Early Childhood
      • Learning Launch: Early Childhood: The Cognitive Realm
  • Course Text: Discovering Child Development
    • Chapter 9: Cognitive and Language Development in Early Childhood
      • Pages 269–287 (Read to “How Does Early Childhood Education Influence Development?”)
    • Chapter 10: Social and Emotional Development in Early Childhood
      • Pages 299–315 (Read to “How Do Parenting Behaviors and Family Context Influence Young Children’s Development?”)
      • Pages 326–331 (Read from “Young Children’s Friendships” to “Differences in the Quality of Sibling Relationships”)
  • Online Reading: Week 3: Sum It Up (PDF format)

    From Exploring Child Development (2nd ed.) by Richard Fabes and Carol Lynn Martin

    Published by Allyn and Bacon, Boston, MA. Copyright 2003 by Pearson Education. Used by permission of the publisher.

Optional Resources


  • Web Article: “Understanding Physical Development in Young Children” by Sean Brotherson (PDF format)

  • Web Site: Six Stages to a Strong Self-Image

  • Web Site: Growing Ideas: Friends & Feelings: Social-Emotional Development in Young Children

  • Web Report: “Children’s Developmental Benchmarks and Stages: A Summary Guide to Appropriate Arts Activities,” an excerpt from the Arts Education Partnership report Young Children and the Arts: Making Creative Connections (PDF format)



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