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Learning to Use LIRN

Hi, please help me write an essay about Learning to Use LIRN

Learning to Use LIRN

Your assignment is to create a six page multiple source essay about a topic in business related to your specialization or emphasis. You may choose any topic as long as it is related and has six full text peer reviewed articles fetched from ProQuest, BE & T, InfoTrac, and Academic OneFile. Three of the full text peer reviewed articles must be from the Business Economics and Theory Collection.

Essay Requirements
The analysis requires the additional components:
?	One nameless/anonymous or web reference.
?	Three APA formatted short quotes used to support the paper.
?	APA formatted paper including:
o	Font: Times New Roman, 12 point, and double spaced.
o	Margins: One inch margins, all around.
o	Indents: One-half inch indent as to begin a paragraph.
o	Proper APA citations and references.
o	Proper use of Level 1 headings as to label the introduction, main body, and conclusions segments.
o	Proper use of Level 2 headings as to label the sections within the main body and conclusions.
o	A proper title page.
o	A reference page utilizing hanging indents and alphabetized by the last name of the first author.

?	Free of spelling errors and minimal use of passive voice.

Additional source:

Writing from Sources, Eighth Edition by Brenda Spatt

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