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    The main reason that people worry about whether we have free will is that they assume the following principle: A person can be responsible only for actions they perform freely. If this principle is true, then determinism implies that nobody is morally responsible for her actions. But is the principle true? Provide an argument for or against the principle, then explain two objections to your argument. Defend your argument against those objections.


Length: Your paper should be 1200 words long (+/- 100 words).

 Formatting: Use size 12 Times New Roman font, set your pages to 1-inch margins, and use double-spacing but no blank lines between paragraphs. Be sure that the start of each paragraph is indented.

Grading: The grade for this paper will be based on four categories: content, philosophical strength, spelling/grammar, and style. For content, make sure you do everything required by your topic. For spelling/grammar, your paper should have as few spelling and grammar errors as possible. For style, your paper should be well-written and easy for me to understand, and it should follow the Formatting guidelines listed above. Finally, for philosophical strength, your paper should be interesting and reflect a serious attempt to engage with the philosophical problem at issue.