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nine cell matrix

parapraize this in 120 words The nine cell matrix approach considers the strength of the particular business interest, as well as the attractiveness of the entire market situation. It allows a company to use more data in determining a business unit’s position. General Electric is an example of a company who employs this type of approach. The company uses ratings to assess the business strength such as weak, average, and strong, in order to compare it against the market attractiveness in a high, low, or medium varied degree. This type of analytical technique is good for decision makers to consider a unit’s proper placement in the developing industry. The triple bottom line can be used to evaluate the environmental, social, and financial performance. This focuses on the investment results not just for profits, but for the planet and people as well. This analytical tool helps to measure the impact of the company overall in the world but a company has to determine how to define the triple bottom line. Unilever and Proctor and Gamble are examples of companies who use these approaches. Specifically, these companies use these approaches examine items such as safety incident rates, lost or restricted work days, greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption, as well as look at the social implications such as the time it takes to train employees, the amount of charitable contributions the company makes, and lastly, the economic or financial variable such as the amount of taxes the company pays.


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