Of the 12 principles

  1. Of the 12 principles of child development and learning set forth in the NAEYC Position Statement on pages 10–16 of the Copple and Bredekamp course text, briefly describe three that were of greatest interest to you. Additionally, for each one, share an implication you see for early childhood professionals.
  2. Drawing from information in the readings and Program 3 on the DVD, explain why developmentally appropriate practice cannot be defined as a set of activities or strategies but rather as a complex decision-making process. Describe the considerations that are involved in this process.
  3. Using the points in “Bridging Cultural Differences” on page 46 and the related question in the FAQs on pages 331–332 of the Copple and Bredekamp course text, explain in your own words the responsibility of an early childhood professional when a family’s cultural practices may conflict with developmentally appropriate practice and suggest two or three strategies for how to respond in sensitive and respectful ways.