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perceptions and Experience



You will also each individually write an essay. The topic of the paper will be the same as the topic that you will present on as a group. In both your presentation and your essay there must be a focus on gender-related implications (that is, you are not just doing a paper on teen pregnancy, for example, but focusing on how gender socialization/ sexism contributes to the social problem. For example, How does lack of sex education or media contribute to the prevalence of teen pregnancy? Finally, state any solution or institutional changes you recommend to help or correct the problem (Education, services, etc.).

The format of the essay will follow the same format as the previous two. Again you will use the research to make arguments, rather than stating your own opinion. You will need to utilize a minimum of two articles from the reader with a total of 5 sources. All sources MUST be academic/scholarly sources. Your in-text citations, as well as reference page, must adhere to APA format.

Slut shaming

5 paragraph essay

With introduction

And a thesis mentioning the body paragraph topics

Body paragraph could write about double standards in society

Body paragraph school

Body paragraph media


Articles from reading : “ perceptions and Experiences of Black girls in classroom by Edward W. Morris from Youth & society

“ Women : the Oppressed majority

By Richard Schafer

“Three perspectives on curriculum

From How schools shortchange of Fairness

Sexual harassment in the academic setting”

By Sherrie Carinci


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