Please provide the following sections in your essay:

This is the first installment of a course project that you will be working on throughout the course. In this project, you will select one of the options below and evaluate a place where you work or have worked using the criteria in the elected option.

Option 1:

You may choose a company that has NOT implemented a sophisticated systems approach to management.

During this course, you will be asked to evaluate the emergency safety and health (ESH) and quality management systems used in your chosen facility based on what you learn in this course in preparation for generating a recommendation and making a presentation to management regarding whether the organization should pursue a management systems approach. If you do not have an appropriate organization in your experience to discuss, you can develop your project through research by learning about an organization through resources available in the library and by interviewing individuals who work for your organization of choice. In various units in this course, you will be asked to share information about the firm to determine the level of congruence between the facility’s management approach and what you have learned about the management systems approach up to that point.

Assignment for Option 1:

Please provide the following sections in your essay:

 Identification of the organization: Identify an organization that you would like to evaluate, and identify the scope of the activity (the organization’s function or business area). Be sure to see above information regarding proprietary and confidential information.

 Reasons for choosing the organization: Describe why you chose to evaluate this organization, and discuss where you think the organization stands in relation to utilizing a management systems approach to quality and ESH. Also, discuss where you think the organization is in relation to considering or implementing a systems approach.

 Information sources: Identify information sources which are available to you including documentation (procedures, quality/ESH manual, work instructions), personnel for interviews, records, or web page information. Include a description of the level of confidence that the information will be complete and accurate in providing evidence of the management system. Also, describe your process for reviewing the information and data.