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Point Value

Grading Rubric for Cultural Review

Make sure all the below required information is included in your essay.

All papers not written in essay form will be automatically returned for revision. Papers not revised will receive zero points.

Point Value
Section 1 Give the name of program or event. Where and when it took place. 2
Give the name or names of group or persons if performing. 1
Include background information on the performers or event. 1
Describe the type of concert or event. (ex: musical, symphony, opera, ballet, festival, museum) 1
Section 2 Give a brief summary. 10
Section 3 What was your general reaction to the concert or event? What did you enjoy or not enjoy? Would you recommend this cultural event? Did this event make you feel like going to other cultural events in the future? 10
Up to 5 points will be deducted for grammatical and spelling errors
Maximum point value 25

The essay should be a minimum of 175 words in length. Note the point value for each required element of the essay. The essay should be in proper MLA format.

This assignment will need to be submitted through the Turnitin button on Blackboard.


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