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remain dormant

Watching the documentaries how how important sound is in movies, performances, and the creative arts world in general was really interesting. I really liked how they showed the various sound recordings in movies such as Star Wars and how important of a role they play in the movie. If you take Star Wars for example, the sound is imperative. If Star Wars or any other movie for that matter didn’t have sound, they would be completely terrible. Sound plays such a vital part in moves, because the viewers are able to really understand what is going on and feel involved in the movie. I think that without the sound, people would really understand what is going on and also find the movie quite boring. The sound effects also bring suspense and exhilaration that would remain dormant if movies didn’t have sound effects. Also, if you were to take a horror movie and remove all of the sound, it wouldn’t be scary at all. Do you agree that sound effects play a critical part in movies and other media?


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