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Researching Community Partnership

Running Head: Researching Community Partnership

Researching Community Partnership 2

Researching Community Partnership

Jimmy Grimmage

Grantham University

1. The name of the article is “Home-School-community Partnerships” . It’s written by Linda Madison. The purpose of the article is to mobilize the parents about the importance of participating to their children academic success. The majority of the student registers poor performance because their parents are least concerned and don’t spend the time to identify their strong or weak area. If parents are involved, the problem of the students’ poor performance can be solved quickly. The population addressed by the articles is teachers, parents and school students. This article had good results; a good number of the parents responded to the call, and students performance in most school have improved.

2. The title of the next article is “Transforming Public Health through Community Partnerships” . It was written by Neil E. Hann. The purpose of the article is to help the community devise various ways in which they can be able to prevent and overcome the chronic diseases. There have been numerous challenges associated with the chronic diseases including death. Old members are the one who are mostly affected. The article addresses all the members of the society because this illness has been a threat to everyone in the society. From the statistic, it’s apparent that people health has been reduced, and the threats which were posed by this disease has minimized.

3. The name of the next article is “Educational Leadership” . It was written by Joyce L. Epstein. Its essences are to partner with the families and communities to enhance professional learning. They emphasize on teamwork among all the members of staffs in a school so that they can be able to provide the students with quality education. The problem associated is the students’ inability to handle the life challenges due to the poor quality of teaching that they receive in school. The population which is targeted by this article is the teachers, students, and the parents. After the problem was solved the students have shown some signs of aggressiveness as they face the life challenges.

4. “Community Sports Hub”—Eastern-Perthshire. The article wrote by Perth Kinross Council. Its primary aim was to mobilize the community to increase their participation is sports activities. It’s was meant to provide a platform for many people, especially the young generation to intensify their exercise on various sports activities so that they can excel in them. There was a problem with many people who were not willing to participate in places. The articles targeted young people who have talents but have not been provided with the best platform to practice them. It had very positive results; more young people are seen in the field engaging in different sports activities during their leisure time.

5. The next articles are entitled the “Connected Communities” . It was written by the Alliance for Innovation group. The purpose of the report was to identify the steps that the local government can take so that they can achieve a higher level of the citizen engagement through strengthening its connection with the community. There has been a problem where the citizens have not been able to engage with the local government, therefore, most of the challenges that the government needs to address she is not aware of it. The article discusses the all the citizens who are served by the local government. The article has had good results, the majority of the citizens can now be able to access the govern services.

6. “The Lancet Global Heath” . Is an article which was written by Hector G Balcazar whose aim was to partner with the local community in the bid to manage the non-communicable diseases that have been a real challenge to various people, especially children. Most children under the age of five have suffered out of this illness, and some have lost their lives. The population addressed is young children and the old people who are prone to infection from this disease due to low immunity. The results of the article have been very active due to improved health and Medicare in most societies.


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