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Ronald Reagan

hum 300 I need each question answered and numbered


  • devastation of war
    1  Class, if you’ve seen the movie version, do you think the mission was accomplished? The beginning of the war seemed to generate quite a bit of patriotic fervor, much as the days following 9/11 did in the 21st century. Songs such as “Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition” were popular, and enlistment posters extolled the values of each of the services. You’ve probably heard of Rosie the Riveter–real-life Rosies turned out an airplane an hour in the Willow Run plant in Detroit, while boy scouts collected scrap metal for weapons.


2  Perhaps the most famous actor to join up in WWII was Ronald Reagan, who became famous later as President…Jimmy Stewart, as well, was a fighter pilot, and stayed in after the war…I believe he eventually was promoted to general…many actors and actresses served–or participated in Bob Hope’s USO shows, which brought entertainment to the troops stationed all over the world.


3  women writers

  • here were many females who were a part of gaining gender equality. Christine de Pisan was one of those females. She was a French poet who wrote in the defense of woman. De Pisan is arguably the first female author in Europe that was making her living by writing. She helped a woman achieve becoming an author by simply providing the example that it can be done.

    Who were some other women in art and literature who worked to gain gender equality in the postwar era




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