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section is Career Goals

 A title page.   Describe your career goals (150 words). The heading for this section is Career Goals.  o With the article from the Unit V Library Search Exercise, include in this section a brief two or three sentence description about how the article relates to your career interests.  o Include a quotation from the article along with the appropriate in-text citation. o Remember to place the reference citation (for the article) in APA style on the References page. o Include a sentence listing three courses that are both related to your career goals and also from your Degree Advisement Plan.   Describe how you will utilize time-management skills effectively to achieve goals (150 words). The heading for this section is Time Management Techniques.   Describe your learning style and the study methods that you will use to be successful in college (150 words). The heading for this section is Study Methods for Academic Success.  o Include a paraphrase from your course textbook to support your learning style and study methods along with an in-text citation.  o Remember to place the reference citation (for the textbook) in APA style on the References page.   A References page.  o On a separate page, list the references for your paper.  o The heading, References, should be centered at the top of the page. o The reference citations should be formatted according to the type of source. In other words, a book is formatted one way, and an article is formatted another way.  o Include one inch margins on all sides of the page.  o List the citations in alphabetical order according to the first author’s last name.  o Apply double-spacing throughout the page.  o Each reference citation should be formatted with a hanging indentation.
The heading for each paper section, Career Goals, Time Management Techniques, and Study Methods for Academic Success, will be a level one heading in the paper. Align each heading to the center of the page and ensure the font is in boldface.


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