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service  Writing

  • ype of paper Essay (Any Type)
  • Subject Literature
  • Number of pages 3
  • Format of citation MLA
  • Number of cited resources  1
  • Type of service  Writing

Choose any  short story from Literature: An Introduction to Reading and Writing. The  stories are found between 81-499. You can either choose a story we have  covered or one we have not. You will then write an essay of between  700-1000 words, using MLA Format, in which you will analyze one element (  character, plot, setting, theme, style, point of view, tone, or  symbolism) of your short story and how that element contributes to the  overall meaning or effect of the story. For instance, if you analyze  characters in ″Two Kinds,″ do not just describe the two main characters,  but make an argument about why Tan constructs them the way shoe does.  ″How to Write A literary Analysis Essay″ will help you as you develop  and support an analytical argument about the short story in your essay.   You have also learned about analyzing literature in the assigned  readings from our textbook that would be helpful to review. Further, iIn  your textbook, each chapter on fiction contains sample essays that can  be helpful to review and model. There is also a sample student essay on  iCollege in Unit One. Any questions that you have should be posted in  the Course Questions and Answers on the discussion boards as soon as  they come up. This essay should NOT include outside source material.   The content should be derived from your own analysis. You must use  concrete, cited evidence from the story to support your arguments and  analyze how it does so.  Your essay needs to be divided into an introduction, body paragraphs,  and a conclusion. You need to have a clear, focused, argumentative  thesis statement, topic sentences for your body paragraphs, in-text  citations for your evidence, and a works cited, in which the short story  you use should be the only entry. However, the works cited does not  contribute toward the word count of 700-1000 words.


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