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Shared Response

Summarize, explain, and evaluate the main points of the reading assigned to you then respond to the Shared Response (your assignment is given below). Utilized the principles of Critical Thinking (Logic) and the theories we’ve covered thus far to summarize, explain, and evaluate the reading. Respond to the Shared response.  Compose the assignment in a Microsoft Word document.  Format MLA header, heading, title, body, and Works Cited.  Write a minimum of one full page consisting of at least three paragraphs of no less than three sentences each. Do not go over two pages.  Use college-level English spelling, grammar, and syntax throughout the document [MLA and Gordon Rule Standards apply].  Do not cut-and-paste; use your own words. Only brief quotes of important words and phrases allowed (use quotation marks).  Place the page(s) in the text in which the point is discussed at the appropriate sentence in an intext citation. Every quote must have an intext citation.  List the source(s) used in a Work(s) Cited at the bottom (normally only our text and other materials in these modules, as well as linked sources).


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