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sources relevant to your project

Research Portfolio

· Research Portfolio (20 points)

Guidelines for the Research Paper

In composing your research portfolio for this class, please follow the guidelines below.

Each finished research portfolio must have the following components:

· a thesis that answers your research question;

· a revised and edited version of the annotated bibliography;

· complete citations for 5 additional scholarly sources relevant to your research in MLA or APA format;

· a 1-2 page reflection on your path through the research process.

· Revised Research Query:

You began the research process with a question. Since then, you have spent time reviewing relevant scholarly sources and composing an annotated bibliography. You are now ready to turn your research query into a thesis. The thesis focuses your ideas and information for the research paper. A research thesis is your proposed answer to your research question. (1 paragraph.)

· Revised and edited version of the annotated bibliography:

The revised and edited annotated bibliography should show evidence that you have understood my comments on the first draft of your bibliography and made substantive changes / additions based on those comments and in the direction of clarity and depth. It should also show evidence of careful and consistent proofreading.

· Additional Sources:

The additional sources should reflect your new adroitness for locating relevant scholarly sources.

· Reflections:

This is your opportunity to record and reflect on your growth as a researcher . This is not the place to synthesize your ideas about the topic of your research, but, rather, to re-trace your steps through the research process, to memorably present the challenges you faced, to use extended detail like an autobiographer, to honestly assess your strengths and weaknesses as a researcher, and to imagine future occasions for research.

Research Portfolio Grading Rubric

The element





Research Thesis (2 points)

The thesis has not been significantly revised or is not clearly expressed, and/or it does not show insight into the subject.

The thesis shows some evidence of revision and offers a clear approach to the subject.

The thesis has been significantly revised in light of the research conducted and offers an insightful approach to the subject..

Revised Annotated Bibliography (7 points)

The annotations do not show evidence of thoughtful and/or substantive revision, and/or the suggested edits for mechanics and style have not been completed.

Citation form is inconsistent.

The annotations show some evidence of thoughtful and substantive revision and all suggested edits for style and mechanic have been completed satisfactorily.

Citation form is consistent.

The annotations show evidence of significant revision /expansion. They are clear, logical, and developed with abundant evidence and clear explanation and interpretation.

Suggested edits for substance and style have been completed with great attention.

Citation form is consistent

· 5 Additional Citations (2 points)

Citations are not to scholarly sources.

Citations may be overly general or not relevant to the research question.

Citation style is inconsistently applied.

Citations are to solid academic sources. Citations are relevant to the research question.

Citation style is consistently applied.

Citations are to scholarly sources. Citations are extremely germane to the research question and offer evidence of the researcher’s considerable sifting of possible sources. Citation style is consistently applied.

Reflection (1-2 pages)

(9 points)

Response does not show your your understanding of the research process has grown / changed.

Response does not raise questions or topics for future learning.

Response demonstrates little or no self-disclosure and appraisal

Response describes, with examples or comparisons, how understanding has changed.

Response mentions new topics or questions for future learning

Response demonstrates cautious and guarded self- disclosure and appraisal

Response describes, with specific detail and examples and comparisons how understanding has changed.

Response raises important questions for further exploration, learning, or understanding.

Response demonstrates open and honest self- disclosure and appraisal.

Teachers note:

Let me say a little more about each component.

1. Revised research query: Many of you revised or refined your research query when you completed the annotated bibliography. Just be sure that you state your research plans clearly and precisely in a sentence of two.

2. Revised annotated bibliography: To complete this part of the assignment, follow my comments and edits on your annotated bibliography. Make sure to proofread your annotations carefully.

3. Complete citations for five additional sources relevant to your project: You do NOT need to provide annotations for these sources, but you do need to find 5 additional scholarly sources relevant to your research AND provide complete citations (in APA or MLA format) for these sources. Be sure your sources are scholarly and timely.

4. A 1-2 page reflection on your path through the research process: This is one of the most important components to this project. Please DO NOT treat it as an afterthought. An essential component of rigorous inquiry is the ability of the researcher to provide a transparent accounting of his/her journey throughout the research process. I want you to tell me what you learned about the research process. I want you to offer your personal insights into the lived process of research. Don’t tell me what you learned about your subject; tell me how you have grown as a researcher. Tell me how the researcher must prepare to conduct research. Tell me how you engaged the process. Tell me about the role of uncertainty in research. Tell me what research is.


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