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Special Needs Education

 Quality of Life – Special Needs Education (Masters Class)

The critical literature review paper needs to be 7-10 pages long double spaced APA style. The paper is to focus on ONE of the 8 domains of Quality of life (SCHALOCK). I have chosen Self Determination. The other 7 domains are: Rights, Material Well-being, Personal Development, Interpersonal Well-being, Emotional Well-being, Physical Well-being, and Social Inclusion. I am providing a rubric, a sample paper (not on the same domain though), some class articles/assessments that are needed to be referenced in the paper, and an audio powerpoint of my instructors overview of the paper. The additional research articles that are needed to write the paper need to be “peer reviewed” articles. There is an additional 1-2 page summary paper that is required.


Rubric attached – Will directly send all other documentation via email.


**** The paper needs to be about Self determination among individuals with autism.****


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