Spring” by Antonio Vivaldi

  1. Listen to the first movement of “Spring” by Antonio Vivaldi
  2. Using the music as inspiration, CREATE! Ideas include a poem (like Vivaldi), short story, take a photograph, paint/draw, choreograph a dance, write your own music, create a recipe or treat– the sky is the limit.
  • On this paper, write an explanation (1/2 to 1 page) of why the music inspired you in such a way. Be specific and make sure to incorporate at least 2 elements of musicin your explanation. (Ex.,The violins in the beginning played a twirling, conjunct melody that reminded me of snow falling so I chose to draw a picture of snow gently falling. When the trumpets entered loudly in the middle of the piece, it made me think of a warm wind coming through and melting the snow so my next comic book pane showed that. When the violins came back, it was the same melody but this time the tempo was slower, so it seemed like snow at nightfall.)